Happy Birthday Rainbow Baby!

This year has flown by so fast!  Of course everybody always says that about their babies growing up, but I tried to savor every moment and it's still one year later. Today we will be celebrating her first year at TGIF's since that's a kid favorite and a trip to Greenfield Village for a photo... Continue Reading →

And Baby Makes 6!

As rainbow baby's birthday gets closer, I can't believe it's been a whole year.  It seems like just last month we were waiting for her to be born.  I was consumed by fear after our miscarriage that she would never make it earth side. I had so many worries about life after baby.  Would this... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Baby

The beautiful flower that never bloomed; Cocooned. Emerging… All the lovelier, for the extra time it took to Be.   My butterfly, my second breath of life. Reborn in beauty, a new soul. Breaths that echo gulps of milk. The nectar of life flowing and nurturing life. Beautiful baby, glowing. Growing.

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