39 Weeks and it’s Palm Sunday!

I haven't been blogging much these last  few weeks.  There is just too much anticipation and the kids and I haven't been doing all that much homeschooling either.  They have been doing the basics and we finished up our last field trip.  They helped me make galaxy paintings and have learned a little weaving in... Continue Reading →

Let the Games Begin!-Part 1

Let the games begin! Now that our Olympic games is officially open, Let's welcome our contestants! The first event we did was an obstacle course designed mostly by Evelyn! Part 1 was the 'lazer maze' under the table.  If you broke a string you were penalized and 1 second would be added to your final... Continue Reading →

Macaroni…er…Penne and Cheese

Macaroni...er...Penne and Cheese. Who doesn't love macaroni and cheese?  I am lactose intolerant and I will still throw back 2, 3, 4 lactaids to enjoy the beautiful and savory flavor of macaroni and cheese, even if it is Kraft.  I am a "whole foodie" and by that I mean that I try to stay away... Continue Reading →

What is an Archimedes Screw?

Have you ever heard of Archimedes? He was a Greek scientist born in Syracuse, Sicily in a Greek empire and made so many advances in science.  He reminds me of my second child in that he was so preoccupied with his studies that when the city he was living in was taken over, he didn't... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur Diaper Trike

Often at night, while up for the umpteenth time to use the bathroom, I will check my phone or peruse facebook. One night I saw a sponsored video where a woman was making different themed diaper tricycles for a baby shower.  The idea was too cute to pass up and I thought it would be... Continue Reading →

Catch it, Prep it, Fry it, Eat it!

I have not been fishing in years and have been living in the urban jungle for too long.  Thankfully there are many Metroparks located around Southeast Michigan where we can escape the city and get out into nature.  I bought a pass for these parks a while back and wasn't using it until I realized... Continue Reading →

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