39 Weeks and it’s Palm Sunday!

I haven't been blogging much these last  few weeks.  There is just too much anticipation and the kids and I haven't been doing all that much homeschooling either.  They have been doing the basics and we finished up our last field trip.  They helped me make galaxy paintings and have learned a little weaving in... Continue Reading →

I Have How Many Weeks Left???

(Make sure you click to see the beautiful photo Jacob took of me as my budding photographer) I honest to God can not believe that I only have TEN WEEKS LEFT until this baby comes!  I spent the first 26 weeks or so in disbelief about even being pregnant before I committed to Hypnobirthing which... Continue Reading →

Heartbeat Heaven

It was a very stressful September! Our kitchen has been ripped apart and isn't done yet, I still don't have a vehicle and while homeschool drama is lessening, it still happens. But we got through it and life has kept moving. I'm very happy to see October!!! Today, we had our first visit from the... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Rainbow Baby!

This year has flown by so fast!  Of course everybody always says that about their babies growing up, but I tried to savor every moment and it's still one year later. Today we will be celebrating her first year at TGIF's since that's a kid favorite and a trip to Greenfield Village for a photo... Continue Reading →

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