Cheese Curd Country

I love my life! It sure does have a way of exhausting me though and a little vacation to see my best friend was just what I needed.  Michigan doesn't have anything on Wisconsin sunshine in the winter and the country air was so fresh compared to city air. Green Bay is a skip and... Continue Reading →

Happy Four Months to Me!

It figures that the day after I have an emotional meltdown over all that's been going wrong, we buy a van!  My mom used to always say that I would give up right before the finish line; and I supposes not much has changed.  Although I have learned a thing or two about perseverance along... Continue Reading →

Mardi Gras Changed My Life!

Going to Mardi Gras changed my life! Being a mother has worn me down like a used up toothbrush on its second round of life cleaning tile grout. I was feeling disenchanted and just plain over being a wife and mother....

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