About the Mama

My name is Diane Grove.  On July 17th, 2015, I married my soulmate and bestfriend.  I have three children from a previous marriage that my husband treats as his own.  My ex husband and I have shared custody and by the grace of God we are one happy mixed family.  This blog is intended to share my experiences about homebirth, homeopathy, and good old baby wearing because more people would baby wear if they only knew how conveniently awesome it is.

Why did I choose Homebirth?  It was a decision that resulted from many events that snow balled, one after another.  It began four and half years ago, a few weeks after my  daughter was born.  There was a TV hooked up to Netflix in our kitchen.  I would cook dinner while my two boys napped and catch up on my shows.

I put on The Business of Being Born one day and it changed my life.  I had always walked away from my baby’s births feeling empty in a way that didn’t make sense.  Childbirth was supposed to make you cry with happiness and there was an exhilaration described by many mothers that I had never experienced.  This led me to a lot of research that changed my perspective on the birthing industry.  Yes, it is an industry, just ask the dictionary which describes industry as a “technically productive enterprise(s) in a particular field, often named after its principal product”  I can tell you that an OB makes a S*#% ton more money than a midwife. 

Seeing The Business of Being Born was by no means the end of my conviction, it became a catalyst for me to start getting more involved in my own healthcare.  Now I research EVERYTHING. For a very long time I had this delusional perception of doctors behaving like Gods, saving lives through impossible means.  Among other realizations I started understanding the “practice” of medicine and how little was known about nutrition and preventative medicine.


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