Back to School

Well, Christmas vacation is over and the kids are headed back to school today. I know that there are many people excited to have the kids back in school but as a shared parenting mom of 3, I lack enthusiasm for this transition. I’ve enjoyed the extra hours to hang out, to hold conversations, and to carpe diem with my kids. My plans for Christmas break were a mile long filled with so many ambitious tasks and fun activities and I barely ticked off a few. In between diaper changes, dinner, and the kids just playing together, there wasn’t much time for more to be done.

I’ve been attempting to spend a lot more time seizing the moment and clearing my schedule of playdates and appointments in favor of being available for opportunity. It’s been a hard habit to break. Reaching for my cell phone or filling a few hours with errands and activities. Our lives are filled with getting to and from school, which is 20 minutes both ways, catechism, ballet, therapy appointments and whatever else gets thrown in like school concerts and my ladies night once a month that I DON’T WANT anymore obligations.

We NEED free time to fill with whatever is happening HERE and NOW! I want to BE present and enjoy the moments in between our obligations. After all, it’s in these moments that we get to learn something new about ourselves and our kid. They may be back at school today, but I’m taking those precious moments made with me on my jouney through the day today!

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