CSA Share Round 2

I LOVE Tuesdays! Ever since I got my first box of fresh produce last week I am hooked! Each week gives me a challenge and lets my family and I explore new foods.  

This week we recieved this box

2 lettuces- Romaine and I think butter

2 bunches of green onions

1 bag of spring mix

1 strawberries

1 bunch of thyme (smells heavenly)

1 bunch pea shoots (I’m 90% sure that’s what they are)

1 bunch chard

Tonight I cooked up all the asparagus from last weeks bundle and am ready to start my hunt for new ways to use all of this produce.

The strawberries were gone pretty much right when I got home. I cleaned all of the produce and after thorough reflection and another failed attempt to use the pea shoot stems whoch are supposed to be good, have decided the leaves are all I care to salvage from now on.

I fried garlic and onion with my asparagus and pea shoot stems and green onion…next time I’ll leave out the stems since they tend to be more woody that crisp as so many sites claim they are.  

This week:

Lamb with thyme?

Plenty of salads

Fried chard with garlic

I can’t wait to explore this food in a new way.  Ma

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