Composting with Worms

Composting is a great way to put old vegetation and newspaper to good use.  The kids and I are planning a garden and I’d really like to give my plants a good boost of nutrient rich compost to grow on. I composted kitchen scraps last year, but I didn’t have the right supplies and it felt like it took forever to see results.  Of course on my recent trip to see the bestie in Wisconsin I was introduced to a whole new way to compost inside my house.

Enter red worm composting.  These aren’t just your run of the mill bait shop earthworms. They are specifically good at turning waste into usable compost  and there is no rotting smell or risk of rotten food fumes to make someone sick.  The turn around time for waste is faster too!

So I decided to give composting with red worms a try!  What better way to explore this new concept than to make it a part of homeschooling.  So I visited a website called red worm composting to learn more about the process.

First we had to drill holes in an opaque container so I grabbed an extra tote from the garage and gave the kids a lesson on how to use a drill too.

The next step was to order some red wiggler worms.  Regular earthworms are not suitable for this type of composting so I ordered 100 red wiggler worms online from Buckeye Organics.  Unfortunately it took forever for the worms to get to my house due to the snowpocalypse that hit Michigan in February.  They did arrive alive though and so I had Elijah cut up and wet some newspaper to help with the lining and moisture.

I had been saving coffee grounds and compost in preparation for the worms and so we put the wet newspaper and composting material in the container and then added the worms.  We don’t use our downstairs shower so the container is kept inside there.

My husband was concerned about the “rotting” food and the potential smell, but 6-8 weeks later, these little guys are doing their job and all you get when you take off the lid is an earthy smell. Since this was an experiment and trial to get my husband on board, we started small, but I have a feeling that we will be adding a container or two very soon as it is so low maintenance and I have a TON of scraps that are going to waste at the moment.

Happy Composting!

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