Mock Olympics-2018-Part 2

I’m 36 weeks pregnant today and last week’s adventures have me so exhausted! I was busy everyday last week, ALL day! Now that I have time, I get to write about the rest of last week’s best adventure. From start to finish, our Mock Olympics took about 6 hours, including the making of the laurel wreath crowns which you can reproduce on your own here. I had a last minute change of plans and so my awesome mom directed the crown activity while I had an appointment with my midwife.

Below: The children who participated and the countries that they chose to represent!


Below: the laurel crowns each kid made! Our first contestants from Left: Elijah representing Israel, Jacob S. representing South Korea, and Evelyn representing Greece.IMG_6348 (2)

Below: from left: Owen representing the USA, Bianca representing Ireland, and Jacob F representing Poland.

20180220_161105 (2)

Below: Gabe representing China


Below: from left: Alexis representing Canada and Xander representing England


20180220_161416_Burst01 (2)

Now that you’ve met everyone and seen their beautiful wreaths, let’s see how the rest of the day went!

After our morning events and craft, we had lunch.  The night before, Jacob, Gabriel, and I made Baklava. Many of the kids had never tried baklava before and I was pleased that all but two kids enjoyed it immensely….even little rainbow baby Yvette.


Our third event was skiing on the XBOX 360 Kinect which I forgot to photograph but in truth, the best photographs of the kids playing the Kinect came during our last event: boxing. The rest of our Olympics took place using the XBOX Kinect because it was rainy outside and so muddy from all the melting snow. These are just a few of what I was able to capture.








They also participated in Javelin and the Long Jump

Our last event was boxing: They had a great time cheering each other on and we wound up doing 3 different tournament brackets.


This is our boxing tournament bracket. The first of three.

jacob jacob boxing 4




eli jacob f box



eli gabe boxing

A little break for selfies and play time.


evelyn bianca boxing

Here you can catch these kids cheering each other on!

The final results of our Mock Olympic Games-2018

We closed our Mock Olympics by reading the results of the games and awarding the laurel wreaths just as they did at the first Olympic games.

Awarding Laurels

Awarding Laurels Part 2

These kids did a great job and had a lot of fun! What a great way to incorporate current events with education!  Thanks for following our Mock Olympics journey!

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