Let the Games Begin!-Part 1

Let the games begin! Now that our Olympic games is officially open, Let’s welcome our contestants! The first event we did was an obstacle course designed mostly by Evelyn!

Part 1 was the ‘lazer maze’ under the table.  If you broke a string you were penalized and 1 second would be added to your final time. I think every kid broke at least one “lazer”.

Part 2 was jumping over the pillows.  If your foot touched a pillow then another 1 second penalty would be added to the final time!

Part 3-balance beam. Touching the ground or the wall was a 1 second penalty.

Part 4-crawl under the bridge.

Part 5-over and under the couch fort. nobody knocked it down but it would have been another 1 second penalty if they did.

We even added a baby to the end of this part, lol, to make it even harder!

Part 6- jump over another, bigger pillow, without touching the pillow and click stop on the timer.


Above: Eli’s mad dash to the timer! Pictures were pretty hard to get at this point because they were racing right towards my face!

Event number 2-Mini-Marathon

This event was only for the older kids as it was racing around the block. We have 5 contestants.  Jacob, Elijah, and friends Gabriel, Bianca and Jacob F.

Even though it was raining, they were all good sports about the weather, however we did have one kid quit at the beginning and so, for ranking purposes, he was disqualified. My second oldest actually threw a fit about losing and how far he had to run, but it the last picture he turned his attitude around; proof it’s not all roses with 9 kids and a baby…and it wasn’t the last time I had to correct poor sportsmanship.  This whole day was actually a good way to reinforce what it means to have good sportsmanship and remind mine at least, that we were having these Olympics for fun, not prizes, as all they would win were bragging rights and a laurel wreath crown. But you know kids; I heard, “he’s cheating” or “no fair” quite a few times.  Further proof that these types of events and competition in general are necessary to teach them that %99 of the time that is not true! Practice and hard work are essential to being at optimal performance level which is why the Greeks trained for 10 months before the Olympics.  It takes hard work to be the best at anything!


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