Heart Dissection

In hind sight I should have posted this on Valentine’s Day, but oh well! A few weeks ago, the kids and I went to the Michigan Science Center to attend their homeschool class.  This month it was a heart dissection and I only paid $3 per kid and received free admission as an educator.  I also managed to snag the last free parking spot so the day started off AMAZING!  It’s the little stuff that makes a mom’s day.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could but focusing on ‘meat’ versus a blue glove made for an interesting focusing issue that I’ll have to understand later.

The day before the dissection, I showed the kids a couple videos to prime their brain for the next day from youtube; Here and Here. The lesson started out with some diagrams and a list of parts of the heart that we were going to try to identify.



We started out with one heart but after a few minutes I knew that wasn’t going to work. Jacob was taking charge, understandably, and so we got a second heart for the other two to work with.

In the end, I feel like we were able to identify the apex and the base (top and bottom), the left and right atriums and ventricles and superior vena cava and pulmonary artery and vein.

They cut with surgical precision…

It was a very interesting dissection as even at the end of the day, it looked like a hunk of meat.  Kudos to all the heart surgeons out there!

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