Here we are again on another culinary adventure.  I’ve always considered myself pretty good at lasagna, but a recent trip to Wisconsin proved I had more to learn. I’ve always seasoned my ricotta mixture with italian seasoning and I even used eggs once upon a time (no more) and pepperoni on top.  My bestie opened my eyes to a simple yet beautiful tasting addition to my lasagna.  She took a wedge of asiago cheese and a wedge of Parmesan and put them in the food processor before adding it to her ricotta. Muah! No frills, just cheesy simplicity and dear God I will never go back.  Her husband loves lasagna just as much as mine so when my husband went on a recent business trip I decided to have a nice, hot lasagna waiting for him when he got home!

Of course this was a perfect opportunity to homeschool a cooking lesson and meet a Webelos cub scout pin requirement at the same time, “Take over a chore from a family member” since I always make dinner.

IMG_5829Of course it was a great time to reinforce how to use the food processor and safe knife skills!

The pot of meat sauce that he prepared himself went down as the first layer, then sauce, then the beautiful cottage cheese mixture, since I had forgotten that little detail (ricotta) at the store. Cottage cheese is a fine substitute but full fat ricotta cheese is where it’s at.

Layer! Layer! Layer!

Of course I didn’t get a picture of the final beauty because everyone was famished and I forgot😳. It was a hit though and Jacob made all the mmms and more mmmmmmms while he gobbled up more than one slice! Dad was pretty pleased too!


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