Snow Storm Maternity Pictures

Oh My Gosh! I’m pretty excited over here! My interest has been growing in photography, especially ever since I took a photojournalism class in college. I’ve always been an artist, a painter, a drawer, and now here I am learning the camera.  Well, what better way to learn a new skill and do a little homeschooling too!

My husband gifted me a nice new Canon Rebel camera for our anniversary/my birthday and I’m putting it to good use.  My oldest is interested in photography too so I bought one of those, “….for dummies” books and now we are learning how to use this amazing machine together.

I like to think I have an artistic eye and I know my son does, so we set out during last Friday to take some maternity photos.  My second eldest came to hold my coat and enjoy the beautiful falling snow! Here is the best of what we captured together.  I’m 33 weeks pregnant with baby snapdragon.

IMG_6053 (3)

IMG_6021 (2)

IMG_6016 (2)

IMG_6036 (2)

IMG_6009 (2)

So there are the best of the best with the limited software and limited editing capabilities that I have.  Overall I think we did a pretty good job and we learned a little bit too while out on our snow storm photography adventure. Afterwards I rewarded my boys with some Biggby kid’s steamers and the rest of our homeschool day was a piece of cake.  What a ‘cool’ way to spend a friday.

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