Snowman Innovation

Homeschooling is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get.  Except at least some boxes of chocolates have a guide on the lid. Learning opportunities are everywhere and often present themselves when you least expect it and engineering a snowman is no exception. 

This winter has been cold and full of snow but until the other day we hadn’t been outside to enjoy it yet. Most of the time it has either been too cold or we’ve simply run out of time to enjoy the sunshine.  On this particular wednesday we decided to go for an impromptu walk around our neighborhood and the kids wound up throwing snow at each other the entire walk.  They were laughing and getting along The. Whole. TIME! A true miracle!

(Above: Evelyn is rolling up the head)

When we got back, Evelyn decided that we should build a snowman and with red hands and faces they went about getting gloves and hats and scarves on. Evelyn grabbed the carrots and other snowman essentials and they went out side to shovel the snow into piles. They started rolling the bottom snowball in the backyard but wound up rolling it up to the front yard where there was more snow. 

The boys started rolling up the second large snowball while the girls and I walked down the street to find the large sticks I had noticed earlier on our walk. 

When we returned, the boys were struggling to get the second snowball on top of the base. My hands were full with my camera and supervising the baby so I wasn’t much help in moving the giant ball of snow. To my surprise, one of the boys had grabbed one of the chairs from the front porch and after some team work, they were maneuvering it as a lever to lift the snowman’s midsection. I was impressed to say the least. Not only were they exhibiting team work but problem solving and innovation with something as simple as a snowman. Proud mama moment over here. While I did have to help lift the snowball up the chair a little, the rest was all them getting it positioned properly.  Next, I just held it in place as they packed in the snow to steady it.

The finished snowman, which is still in the front yard a week later due to cold Michigan weather is still standing strong and saying “hi” to all those that drive by.  It just goes to show that home schooling wins can happen when you least expect it!

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