Cheese Curd Country

I love my life! It sure does have a way of exhausting me though and a little vacation to see my best friend was just what I needed.  Michigan doesn’t have anything on Wisconsin sunshine in the winter and the country air was so fresh compared to city air.

Green Bay is a skip and a hop away from Detroit and the flight was short and sweet.  Thank God because it was such a tight squeeze in a tiny seat at 31 weeks pregnant with a lap child! I felt like a pack mule too, lugging a toddler, a back pack, a purse and coats around the airport.  I was surprised that people offered to help me and while I don’t trust strangers or their germs, it was nice to see people offer. (They must not have been from Detroit;) I needed some good will after dealing with Detroiters during the holidays:) Of course Yvette was so cute playing peek-a-boo with this married couple and wandering in a circle eating her “nana” they probably couldn’t resist!


(Above:We had a long walk to the other side of the airport which included a walk through a tunnel that changes colors.  Yvette was impressed! I was sweating from all of the ‘luggage’ I was lugging.)

(Below: I was so happy I took so many pictures during take-off because we didn’t get a window seat on the way back. The people we sat next too were nice and I’m sure they were happy Yvette was so good.)

The whole point of my trip was to do as little as possible and assume as little responsibility as possible while away.  You just don’t know how good food tastes when you don’t have to cook it.  Getting served meals by my bestie, Martha, and not having to be in charge of anyone but Yvette was HEAVEN! Seriously, eating a real meal, that I didn’t cook, that was homemade with Love and Wholesome ingredients and I didn’t have to clean anything!? I digress…..

While vacationing in Wisconsin during the winter isn’t the same as Miami, Florida where she used to live, it sure has its perks since I get to spend time with Martha’s family.  When I was growing up, I spent summers with Martha and her seven siblings. Her mom was my second mom and I’ve known them practically my whole life. They have been the starter and continual catalyst for my healthy lifestyle, home schooling, and catholicism.  They are family and I spent YEARS not getting to see them; and now most of them are in one place!

While I was in Wisconsin there was an ice shove on the water that made the newspaper so we went to see it before we went for a walk at the Marsh.  An ice shove is like an ice wall that forms when frozen ice moves onto the shore.  It was way cool and we were among the first to see it as later on in the day many people were driving from Green Bay to come see this beautiful wall of blue ice. You can see aerial footage from youtube here.

Afterwards we headed for a walk at the Marsh where we walked on the frozen ice and I took enough pictures to create a stop motion movie! You honestly can’t take too many pictures. It was below freezing at the time but that Wisconsin sun became really bright and the air was calm. We even caught a picture of a juvenile bald eagle on the way there.

IMG_5469 (2)

(Wish I would have had a better lens to catch him but you can tell he’s watching us!)

I mostly spent my time catching up and getting re-inspired. Martha and her family have always been so much more relaxed and chill than I that they always mellow me out when I visit and I was able to refocus my priorities a little bit. My biggest take-away would have to be that I need to relax my home school schedule. Part of my stress comes from doing too much and I’m tying to downsize my schedule now that I’m home.  Also, food as nutrition and medicine is important to me and my kids health and I want to keep moving forward in my Weston A Price dietary standards.  It’s a long, hard and sometimes expensive road, but as Martha reminded me of an old Boys2Men song, “I will get there!” (Note to self: add that to the birthing play list.)

Below: Yvette-21 months, Marianna-19 months and James-15 months

At the end of my vacation, I was sad to go but happy to be home.  The flight back to Detroit airport was just as easy and uncomfortable but we survived…only to have our car seat never show up and get dropped off at our house several hours later…Oy Vey! Welcome back to Detroit Diane. Welcome Home! Vacation is over: back to the grind…however a little more refreshed and ready to hit the ground…walking!

(I learned it’s time to slow down a little😉)

Below: I’m a pregnant pack mule! Ready to be home!


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