Macaroni…er…Penne and Cheese

Macaroni…er…Penne and Cheese.

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese?  I am lactose intolerant and I will still throw back 2, 3, 4 lactaids to enjoy the beautiful and savory flavor of macaroni and cheese, even if it is Kraft.  I am a “whole foodie” and by that I mean that I try to stay away from processed foods, eat organic and local and eat clean. (I still love McDonald’s french fries though…) hence the quotation marks.  Recently I went to Sam’s Club and they had Kerrygold cheese on sale.  If you don’t know what Kerry gold is, it is a grass fed butter brand which apparently makes grass fed cow cheese too, and actually irish cream alcohol…anyway, I bought this huge brick of cheese and when I got it home, no one really liked it.  So I thought to myself, “What the hell do I do with 2 pounds of cheese that no one wants to eat?” Then a light bulb went on as I remembered one of those TASTY videos I saw on facebook about macaroni and cheese.  Usually people always use cheddar but they also mix a few other cheeses in for a rounder flavor….this was my intention….however the 2 pound brick of cheese is still in my refrigerator….

So basically this giant hunk of cheese inspired me to make my own macaroni and cheese from scratch and then I never actually used it.  Instead I just used the whole cheddar cheese brick I had bought because I figured no one could complain if I didn’t add a rogue cheese in there. Of course if I’m making something as easy as macaroni and cheese from scratch then I have to get a kid involved and my daughter’s friend was staying the night so I had the girls help me with this culinary delight.

First, as always, we found a recipe.  It had good reviews and was pretty easy.  You can find that recipe here. I didn’t have macaroni noodles but I had everything else so I went to the pharmacy a block away and grabbed penne noodles.  They work just fine if not better because the ridges hold the cheese sauce so I figured ‘eh, why not?’


Above: We gathered the ingredients, A1 not included. lol

Above: My daughter’s friend L grating the cheddar cheese.

Sadly I didn’t get many pictures of my own daughter as we learned a little bit about kitchen safety when she grated part of her knuckle.  Poor girl!  I’ve done that before and I KNOW that hurt!  So my son and I bandaged her up and got back to making our Roux! ( I had already boiled the noodles. There isn’t anything glamorous about that to kids. lol)


The girls are hard at work!

This was the last picture I got before the chaos set in…Oh well!  5 out of 7 agreed that this was some good macaroni, er I mean penne and cheese.  And the friend who helped make it wasn’t one of them! Oh well! She ate nachos for dinner and there were enough leftovers for another meal. Either way, as always, I love getting my kids, and their friends, involved in the kitchen.  It’s a beautiful thing to be apart of the process in nourishing their bodies even if they don’t eat the final product. LOL!

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