I LOVE COOKING!  Like a lot! And my kids are learning to love it too! It’s an awesome way to do a little home schooling on the weekends because they learn measurements and chemistry.  I try to explain techniques that work and they really soak it in. Michigan’s winter has been especially cold this year and so Evelyn and I spent a big part of our recent Saturday cooking together.  We made muffins for Yvette that are….well…in the garbage now, but I’ll talk about that in another post; and we made ENCHILADAS. My husband loves the enchiritos from Taco Bell so me made beef and bean enchiladas from scratch.  It took a while but they were TASTY!

First, we started off with a recipe for the sauce that I found on Cookie+Kate. I read her explanation of ingredients and her reviews and ratings were good so I went with hers over more tomato based recipes.  If you check out her site, you’ll see why.

Evelyn did all of the measuring of our dry ingredients.

We waited until the olive oil was sizzling in the pan and then got our wet ingredients ready. Evelyn had never used a can opener before so in addition to learning 1/2 tsp measurements etc, she learned how to use a can opener too which is very handy skill to have.


and then voila!


After we made the sauce I used knowledge from working at a Mexican restaurant to put together the enchiladas. The corn tortillas were always warmed so they wouldn’t crack in rolling and I just made the meat and beans while Evelyn did chores and other stuff.  I ran out of cumin and had no taco seasoning for the meat so I went with garlic and chili powder and salt for the leftover northern beans from Ham Bone soup I made earlier that week.  No big todoo, just seasoned beans. I wound up having some leftover taco seasoning I had made awhile back that was ok so I threw that in with the meat. Evelyn helped me fill those warmed corn tortillas with meat and beans and cheese and then we through the sauce on top and SNAP!



Everyone devoured these and said that they were SO good!  I know that made Evelyn very happy and it sure does instill confidence and a sense of pride!!!

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