Less is More!

Well, the first week back at home school is almost done and within the first 2 days I realized that my kids have to be separated for morning work. Period! I don’t know how other home school moms do it with a little one in the mix! Seriously?! I’m asking!

Rainbow baby just keeps on growing and she becomes a bigger hand full everyday. For a while I was getting used to her being in the daily school mix but lately she’s entered into a state of orneriness that feels like a wrench in the wheel.  Just this week, she tried to grab a full cup of apple juice out of my hand because she thinks her britches are so big that she can do it herself.  She’s been throwing more fits than ever and has finally started understanding the word “no!” as well as how much she doesn’t want to listen to the word ‘no!”

Add all that into the fact that we took a two week break and oy ve, what a bumpy start to the new year. Well, at the Grove Home School, we are always learning and adapting and that’s what we have to do so I have two solutions to try.  1. Separate my kids during morning work to cut down on distractions and interaction and 2. Try breaking up the time so during each segment of the morning, a child is hanging with me and Yvette.  I like the creativity behind #2 because with a new baby coming in March, I really need the older ones to learn how to clean a diaper, wash things without supervision and everyone needs to be just a little bit more independent of my instruction.

Also, when Elijah was home with me for a little one on one while the other two went to their dads, Yvette responded better to less intrusion from the other kids and really enjoyed Elijah.  I think the moral of this week is that less is more…. Maybe even a few worksheets less…

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