Homemade, Healthy, Homeschool Cooking

One of my favorite parts about home schooling is that it helps me get my kids more involved in the kitchen. I’ve always been a big cook in the kitchen and my kids have helped, but now I take it farther.  I had read one time that it helps to  combat picky eaters by getting them involved in the kitchen.  I have a son who is a “vegetarian” who eats McDonald’s chicken nuggets and sometimes hotdogs.  He also LOVES eggs.  That limits my ability to keep him nourished and provides a challenge that I am slowly overcoming.

One of my favorite books is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  I highly recommend it because most of what is wrong with Americans is what’s wrong with their food.  However that’s another topic entirely.  I try to live by this books food preparation guidelines and slowly am teaching my children about the nourishing traditions of our ancestors.  Recently, we have started making our own pasta, egg noodles and gnocchi to be exact.  My picky eater, Elijah, loves to make and eat the gnocchi which we make with organic wholesome ingredients, the same with the egg noodles.  Since we control the ingredients such as organic free range eggs, organic flour (sprouted would be even better) and even the home made bone broth we cook them in, I can rest easy knowing that it’s better than the alternative of store bought.  I’m not saying store bought is bad, but here we are killing two birds with one stone.  They are learning nutrition and culinary skills while eating healthy.  It’s a win win for me.

Below: me and my daughter the second time we made gnocchi. After Elijah and I killed it the first time, we realized that we had to make a lot and freeze it so we could enjoy it more than just once for dinner!  Hence the trays filled with gnocchi that we froze.


I also let my kids pick what they want to make sometimes.  When I threw a cookie swap party, my daughter chose to make peanut butter oatmeal cookies and by golly, she pretty much did it all by herself.  When I think about it as home schooling, I make sure that I teach them measurements.  They may not understand it quite yet, but they will with repetition, as with anything else.

Even the baby gets involved!!!


During this pregnancy I have been eating a lot of chicken fingers.  I can’t help it; nothing sounds as good as chicken tenders and sweet baby ray’s.  Since our kitchen was getting renovated, I wasn’t able to make my own until recently, and my eldest son Jacob helped me make 3 lbs worth of tenders (made with local free range chicken) for the freezer.

Above: Jacob making tenders and posing for the camera


Just last week I was watching my friends kids and had them help me make egg noodles.  I can’t find the pictures of when Elijah and I made them the first time, but here we are with 6 kids, rolling out dough by hand to make the most scrumptious egg noodles.



Just another day in the Grove Home with friends:)

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