Happy New Year!

I am having an amazing holiday break!  I am feeling renewed and ready for the new homeschool year.  But first I wanted to share some of what the kids and I have already done.

We worked through October and part of November on our Egypt unit.  We made Egyptian collars and head dresses.  We experimented with air dry clay and made canopic jars. The air dry clay was brittle though and so that was kind of a bust. Oh well!  We mummified a barbie and read about Egyptian mythology. Below are some photos of all that we accomplished, from making papyrus to dressing like Egyptians and let me tell you they learned a lot! First, we made our own papyrus by weaving cardboard and flattening it, then we put it in modpodge to stick together.20171020_105611

Right: We mummified a barbie which the kids got a kick out of. 

Above: after making papyrus, they used Heiroglyphics to write their names on it and they dressed like Egyptians…sort of.

Below: Inside Jacob’s lap book that he made.

Above: Both pyramids open to reveal more information, which was pretty neat!

I’ve found that lap booking makes the learning process more fun, it keeps track of the information that they are learning and also triples as an art project, their daily writing assignment, as well as a keep sake/ workbook.  They LOVED this unit and are looking forward to our unit on Greece!

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