How Well Do You Know Your Kid?

How well do you know your kid?  How about his learning style or what subject he’s best at?  Do you know what makes his brain tick or even why he gets so frustrated at times?  I thought I knew the answer to these questions about my kids…until I started homeschooling.  I have to give teachers credit because while I have substituted and frequently been in classrooms; I’ve never actually done it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I used to be one of those parents that looked forward to school starting and enjoyed my quiet time during the day. Now life is different. I don’t get “breaks” or “free time” to tackle my to do list anymore.  I am the teacher, the cook, the mom, and the janitor.  It is a hard job. It’s hard enough being a mom but to wear all of these other hats and not even get a thank you on parent-teacher night or a lunch break for lesson planning is tough to deal with at times. There already weren’t enough hours in the day….now there are even less! 

Why would I do this to myself?  The trade off is worth the extra work; if you can believe that.  I could talk about all of the reasons I chose to home school but it boils down to a few concrete factors.  I could tell you my kids was doing well at school before, but I couldn’t tell you that my 8 yr old learns faster and retains more when he reads than when he listens to the teacher.  He is eager to please but also will absolutely stop applying himself if he either loses interest or has learned what he thinks is “everything”.

My 9 year old is in constant need of positive reinforcement and encouragement.  He is more difficult at home than in a classroom but I am learning why.  He gets frustrated when he doesn’t understand a lesson and his low self-esteem creates an internal struggle that almost always ends in me swearing.  I did know part of this but never to what extent.  

I’ve really had to commit myself to teaching new knowledge daily that I never had to worry about before.  At the end of the day, I get to participate in discovering my children every day and I am becoming closer to them than I have in a while.  I see their trust amd faith in me growing and I can’t deny I love sleeping in past 7 and the hustle and bustle of getting out the door.  There’s a sense of accomplishment from setting out to teach a new skill to someone and watching them succeed.

The road is rough but getting better.  I know why teachers love their jobs now. To see a commitment through and observe the growth of something you nurtured is a powerful reward!  It gives me just enough to power through the bad days.

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