Un-schooling Myself!


My featured image is Yvette amidst the chaos of her own making and perfectly describes how I’ve been feeling about homeschooling.  But she was having fun and I was tired.  I was tired for 3 months while I was growing my little snapdragon in my belly.  We are at 19 weeks now and I’m feeling great and ready to hit the ground running.

The first two months of home school were….Hell quite frankly.  We had good days and we had very bad, horrible, no good days. But if you ask the kids how they like home schooling, they will tell you they love it!

A lot has changed since the first day of home school in September.  I started off with ideas of grandeur and workbooks and projects and journals and rules and guidelines and…that whole line of thinking has fizzled out.  After all the misery I put myself through I learned the most important lesson I could have learned this year.  I needed to un-school myself.

Many people have poor opinions of un-schooling and it’s a misunderstood concept.  But here is some food for thought.  Have you ever retained information you were forced to learn?  I took a whole semester, maybe even two, of chemistry and couldn’t tell you anything about it.  But I remember being so interested in the Titanic in 1997 when the movie came out that I learned EVERYTHING there was to know and can still give you menu options the passengers had.

Here I was on the first day of home school, with some idea of how I wanted things to be.  Amidst it all I am pregnant and our kitchen was being redone while we were for a short while without a car due to an accident.  But all of that turmoil made me realize that I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  I had my own convictions and ideas that were receiving push back form the kids and I realize this whole time I couldn’t separate myself from my own ideas about school.

I want my kids to know math and reading and science, but I also want them to learn about cooking and doing laundry and cleaning up after themselves.  I want them to learn everything it takes to be a successful human.

So I see people on facebook getting ready for Thanksgiving and I want to say that on November 3, 2017, I’m thankful for home schooling and all the “pain” I’ve gone through so far.  It’s been worth it, and while if you asked me last month if I enjoyed home schooling, I would have screamed “NO!”  Today I can say, “Yes!”  and I am SO thankful for that!


Our latest field trip to the Ann Arbor Hand On Museum!  Amazing place!

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