Happy Four Months to Me!

It figures that the day after I have an emotional meltdown over all that’s been going wrong, we buy a van!  My mom used to always say that I would give up right before the finish line; and I supposes not much has changed.  Although I have learned a thing or two about perseverance along the way.

My mom also always says that there are four events in life that are major stressors: having a baby, buying a new car or house, getting married and starting a new job. Balancing three of these life events with home schooling and cub scout leadership (new jobs), a pregnancy, and new house (kitchen renovation, I’ve felt emotionally tapped out. But I’ve hung there and there is much to look forward to.

So yesterday, we bought a new van for one hell of a price and I realized that watching my husband make the salesman his bitch was a HUGE pleasure. A little spark got thrown back into me and when I look at him right now…

Anyway, wednesday, our little sunflower/ snapdragon turned four months in my tummy.  So here is the newest addition to our family with our pending addition snug inside, growing and awaiting his/her own debut!



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