Catch it, Prep it, Fry it, Eat it!

I have not been fishing in years and have been living in the urban jungle for too long.  Thankfully there are many Metroparks located around Southeast Michigan where we can escape the city and get out into nature.  I bought a pass for these parks a while back and wasn’t using it until I realized there is so much to be explored and learn.  It also holds a plethora of homeschool opportunities.

I recently visited my best friend in Wisconsin and her simple lifestyle free from TV, fast food, and society’s judging eyes, made me realize that my family is missing out on the simple pleasures of life. So we decided to go fishing! I was so glad that my mom came with us because I would have been lost getting fishing rods ready with hooks and fishing line with a clingy 15 month old baby in tow. We also had to change locations a few times.  It was HARD WORK!  Everybody caught a fish though, even me!

There’s nothing better than eating fish that you caught yourself.  I taught the kids how to descale a fish and after a few YouTube videos we had fresh Cajun seasoned sunfish on the table. YUM!  Evelyn and Jacob tried it, even the baby had a taste, but we couldn’t convince Eli…

It was a great day spending time together and learning many new skills!  Thank God for family and the beautiful world He created for us!

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