Happy Birthday Jacob!

My oldest boy is 9 years old today!

I’m one proud mama!  I’ve been really thinking about how grown up he is becoming.  I look at him and the memories of my own childhood come flooding back to me.  All of the fireworks shows and barbeques.  My own birthday is in July and the warm weather and sunshine always renews me for another year

I almost cried tucking my son, my oldest little boy, into bed recently, thinking on the time gone by. My little rainbow baby brings back all the memories of when my other, older three children were babies.  I’m enjoying every minute of being their mom because even when it’s bad; its funny after a glass of wine! 

Jacob has always had a strong personality and that means that sometimes, we clash, but we have so much more than being family in common.  I like this kid!  He is artistic and loves to try new foods.  He’s empathetic in ways I don’t expect and a great big brother to rainbow baby. (The other two as well, but you know you cant really fight with a baby)

Happy birthday Jacob!  My son! My friend!

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