This is What a Parenting WIN Looks Like!

(I’m BACK! I have been away from my desk for a while and have finally not only pegged down a post but the time to write it. )
Those parenting wins can be sunshine on a cloudy day! An oasis when you are floundering from a bad day or a bad situation. But a child’s love is endless and boundless and it changes people! A child can change everything…and in unexpected ways!€

Some days, when I wake up, I feel like super mom!  My kids don’t fight and I don’t lose my temper and drop several f-bombs before I’ve even had my coffee. Breakfast is more than a granola bar and every moment is fulfilling and fun.  On these days, when my parenting game is on point, I’ve even received compliments on my children’s behavior. Thank you Super nanny and thank you severe self criticism.  We did it!

Other days, I can’t even remember to put diapers in the diaper bag and I’m screaming from what seems like the minute I wake up until I go to bed. On these days, my self criticism gets the best of me and I feel like a failure. “How could I set that kind of example today!” I tell myself, sinking deeper and deeper into self pity.

I recently had one of those days.  I woke up and my body was sore and my brain irritated by living and everything was grating on my nerves. ( I have been dancing the tango with depression and anxiety for years and I’m transparent with my children about this.)  That particular morning I was yelling a lot about things that weren’t very important and yelling at kids that didn’t necessarily deserve it.  I was feeling impatient and irritable and my kids were getting more than their fair share of my attitude, so I explained my brain’s weaknesses to them as we were loading the van.

“You guys I’m having such a bad day today!  Sometimes I just feel angry for no reason and my heart is pounding a lot and everything just feels wrong! I’m just so anxious today!”  I briefly explained that I loved them and I was just having a bad day and that I needed their understanding today.

“We feel bad for you!” my oldest said.  He’s 9! Two things went through my mind at that moment.  I was extremely thankful for the empathy he was showing me, something many adults struggle with; and I, in that brief moment, was reassured that I’m doing a good job!

Sometimes it takes a bad day to learn a good thing about my life.  This is what a parenting win looks like and it felt GREAT!

Please like and share and tell us about your parenting wins!

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