One Year Check Up With The Midwives

Yvette, aka rainbow baby, just had her 1 year check-up and met her midwives for the first time since she was born. The verdict?  Mon petite is perfect!

I 💘 my midwives.  The decision to have a home birth changed my life and the lives of those closest to me.  Deciding on a homebirth goes against the grain and “advice” of contemporary society.  Arriving at that decision took a lot of time, research and prayer. Going against the grain has its discouraging moments.  I’ve been momming it up since 2008 and my experience has taught me to follow my intuition; BUT im not immune from doubt.

One of the many obstacles of blended family life is that my parenting journey began long before my husband’s. So sometimes I’m sure of everything but of course when my husband worries, I worry.

The first year of a tiny human’s life is so important and stressful and filled with all the little things that make it magical and memorable.  The little fever when she was teething made my heart quake.  When she was congested, acclimating to earthside, I watched her every breath; always waiting to see her chest rise and fall.

AND POOP! Poop has become almost a daily conversation in my house.  Rainbow baby might be the biggest reason my husband and I are so open with each other these days about bodily functions.  Alas, while knowing she is perfect, a mother’s care and worry is unceasing.

After a miscarriage and the first year, here we are!  Rainbow baby is perfect and we are looking forward to watching her grow!

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