What Does a Spleen Have To Do With Ear Infections???

This message is kid approved!

What is the spleen? What does the spleen actually do? Where is the spleen located? What could a spleen possibly have to do with ear infections and fluid in the ear?

It all started when our family started watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  In one of the many sweeping camera shots, there was a 360 degree mountain view and my daughter stood up saying, “That’s what happens to me everday!” 

“Wait, you feel dizzy everyday?  When did that start?” I asked, instantly alarmed.

“Since the day after Halloween!”  She said. 

It was February! I realized later that her time frame actually coincided with the oregano water I had placed on her skin to treat the mollescum that had kept popping up for two years. You can read about how that worked here.  (Illnesses or viral infections such as Mollescum, when suppressed, can express themselves in another form)

 While I researched natural remedies and medicine, I took her to her primary doctor twice, an eye doctor who told me her eyes are perfect, and an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. The ENT who wanted to cut out her adenoids and tonsils and flat out told me, “I don’t believe that any of those natural remedies or homeopathic stuff works because I’ve never seen it do anything.” 

My daughter’s hearing was tested and it was discovered that she had 80% hearing loss in one ear and 20% in the other.  I was told, by the doctor, that even if the fluid drained that it would fill back up again. He said the swollen adenoids, which also cause her snoring, were blocking the drainage and I was quickly recommended ear tubes. 

As soon as it was confirmed that fluid behind her ears was the issue, I set to work learning all about tonsils and adenoids and what they do. There had to be a way to get their swelling down, besides, I needed to know WHY they are swollen.  Their main function is fighting off disease, so what could be triggering them? American medicine has a habit of treating the symptoms of illnesses rather than the root of the problem.  When I realized that modern medicine wasn’t actually curing my kid but rather alleviating the symptom of a bigger issue; I realized it was my job to seek more information.  I’m lucky enough to know a family who lives a healthy life on natural medicine and real food; and actually reversed the damage that Lyme’s Disease havocked on a healthy body. On my journey they have been an invaluable resource of information

Ultimately, I wanted a healthy child, but telling me that this body part involved in immunity was just overreacting all the time seemed to miss the mark.  So I consulted my friend who was knowledgeable in natural medicine. She recommended a castor oil poultice. She had uses it for her own ear infections and had always experienced successful drainage. If you are a mom reading this, chances are you know a little about castor oil.  It “gets things moving”, usually in the bowels when taken orally. A poultice is something moist that is used to reduce inflammation, usually wrapped around a sprain or bruise.  In this case it meant soaking a paper towel in castor oil and placing over the area where your spleen is. Then, to prevent staining, plastic wrap is placed over the paper towel and a heating pad is placed over that for 1-2 hours.

I did this to my daughter 3 nights in a row and I should note the first night when I removed the wrap, the paper towel was bone dry.

On the 2nd night it wasnt as dry but the body had soaked up it’s fair share of castor oil. That night while praying, as I touched her ears and tonsils, she proclaimed excitedly, “I just heard a loud crackling sound in this ear,” she pointed to the one with the most hearing loss. “I just heard another crackly sound, but in my other ear.” I knew she was experiencing the popping and draining of her ears!

I did a third spleen poultice and within a week, her ears had crackled to the point, (popping showing signs of drainage) where she no longer has dizziness, 2 weeks later! 

She even proudly told me the morning after the drainage and crackling started, that she could hear better!

I must proclaim that while we are working on decreasing her tonsillar swelling with the elimination diet (future post) we have addressed the problem we set out to fix.  Four months of dizziness every day, often multiple times, accompanied by double vision and with a little oil and some heat!!! We are 2 weeks dizzy free!!! Can I get an Amen!

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