What’s For Dinner?

What’s for dinner?  If you’re a mom, then you probably hear this question every night and possibly several times throughout the day.  

A typical day in my house goes like this. “Honey, I think I’m going to make tacos out of that leftover chicken from last night, what do you think?” I inform my husband as he’s getting ready for work. “Yeah, that sounds good.” He answers. Shortly thereafter, he leaves for work and I start my “work” day.  Hours roll by and I get a text from my husband, “What’s for dinner?” I roll my eyes, and start to text, “i told you already…” Then I backspace because why bother, “chicken tacos” I reply, irritated that I bothered to waste my breath this morning.

More hours roll by and i pick thr kids up from school. “I’m hungry” one says.  “Whats for dinner?”  We are having chicken tacos.” I answer.

Once we are home and snack time has come and gone, laundry put away and back packs hung up, while I’m nursing the baby, each child asks me at least once more, “What’s for dinner?” “We are having chicken tacos.” At this point the baby is fussy for a nap or a snack or just some snuggles.

I guess that’s my cue! So I wrap that baby up and I begin to answer the age old question, “What’s for dinner?” With the banging of pots and pans and nuance of food being prepped, we get through another dinner service! Babywearing for the win.

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