Happy Birthday Rainbow Baby!

This year has flown by so fast!  Of course everybody always says that about their babies growing up, but I tried to savor every moment and it's still one year later. Today we will be celebrating her first year at TGIF's since that's a kid favorite and a trip to Greenfield Village for a photo... Continue Reading →

And Baby Makes 6!

As rainbow baby's birthday gets closer, I can't believe it's been a whole year.  It seems like just last month we were waiting for her to be born.  I was consumed by fear after our miscarriage that she would never make it earth side. I had so many worries about life after baby.  Would this... Continue Reading →

The Organically Clean Home-Carpet Stains

A close friend of mine sent me a book in the mail called The Organically Clean Home. As I’ve gotten older and had more children, I’ve become more aware of the harmful chemicals that surround me.  My cleaning cabinet closely resembles a kitchen these days and I don’t fear that my daughter, now 12 months,... Continue Reading →

What the F@#% is Kefir???

I am on a real food journey in my kitchen and always alert for something new to introduce to my family.  I believe in the healing power of food and try to incorporate these “super” foods into my cooking. Feeding my family real food makes them stronger and healthier and gives them a firm foundation... Continue Reading →

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