To Build a Bridge

(Left to Right- Me and rainbow baby, my ex-husband, his girlfriend, and our three kids) I left my ex-husband 4 years ago this April.  When I left him, I never dreamed I would actually like him again one day.  At our marriage's very worst I wished him dead. No, we are not best friends and... Continue Reading →

A Fountain of Milk

I am a nursing mom! I recently went to New Orleans and left behind my 10 month old baby girl.  I knew that the 48 hours we were going to be apart could affect my breast milk supply, even though I would be pumping when I could while I was away.  When I got home... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Baby Fast Asleep

All mums agree, sleeping pictures are the cutest. Especially this one since the weather has improved today and the guy next door has his motorcycle idling outside our window. So yeah, stay calm and call mommy!

Mardi Gras Changed My Life!

Going to Mardi Gras changed my life! Being a mother has worn me down like a used up toothbrush on its second round of life cleaning tile grout. I was feeling disenchanted and just plain over being a wife and mother....

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