The Classifieds

I’m on the market!  I’m single and ready to mingle…with other moms that is. I don’t have a sister and my very bestest friend in the whole wide world, my soul sister, lives states away so we don’t get to be in each other’s daily lives. So here I am, momming it up and realizing I don’t have someone to chat about all the madness with.

If someone had told me in high school that finding friends as a mom would be so precarious, I wouldn’t have believed them. I mean, I barely survived high school with a friend at all! How could it get harder than that? I soon found out when I went from high school, to my first year of college, straight to motherhood.  The window for making friends got dramatically smaller and has stayed that way for a while.  There isn’t much time for social calls in between nap time, school, homework, laundry, dishes, a brief moment of silence while peeing and dinner.  On top of all of that, finding a mom who isn’t already taken, or rather already has a best friend and confidant, can be tough.

I need to feel connected outside my home, so social media is ok sometimes, but I need more.  I like phone calls (about tommy’s teething or Jane’s constipation, lol) and long walks on the beach (chasing children of course). These are the TOP TEN plus 1 characteristics I need in a bestie.

  1. She should have at least one kid, obviously, but multiple children are preferred so we can commiserate about the same troubles.
  2. She has to be kind and caring to her kids and her friends. No negative Nancy’s here!
  3. Preferably she’ll have her shit together and be a stake in the ground. But if her life is a shit storm, that’s ok too. As long as I get to hear the dish first. This leads me to number 4.
  4. She needs to be classy. Handling life’s bullshit goes so much easier if handled with a little class, BUT
  5. She needs to be crazy too, because while being classy is often times the best way to handle life, a little peppering of crazy is necessary to remain sane!
  6. She should have some knowledge about attachment parenting styles even if she herself isn’t really a proponent. She can’t be an opponent. An educated mom even if in opposition is my kind of mom. (But the research is there so we’d likely agreeJ
  7. She must be selfish, in the way that she MUST leave her kids for girls’ night at least once a year!!!!!
  8. She should know how to be silly more than serious and should know I need her to be the light-hearted laugh in all of my parenting struggles. I will be that for her.
  9. I want a mom who puts her words into action; who dreams outside her home once in a while. I have big dreams and I want someone to share those with.
  10. I need a mom who’s gonna call me first to tell me her good news, (after grandma and grandpa of course, but before social media). I want to feel like family even if I’m not because when I do let someone into my life, you are family to me.
  11. LOYALTY! This should go without saying, but we are losing this in contemporary society!

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