Baby in Love

(a little poem about being in love with my rainbow baby)

I love you to the moon and back

Little nut brown hare, mama’s baby bear.

Like bees that suckle wildflowers to make honey,

That is how I’ll snuggle you, sweetly.

Like hummingbird wings, I’ll hum your lullaby, softly.

Love that floats, quiet as night, on the breath of God.

I love you like wildfire, burning.

Holding you like the night holds the stars,


To love you is to hear your laughter.

The giggles that bubble out of your soul

And into my own; your laughter is mine in no time.

I love you like water loves to run; 

I love you like ice cream loves sprinkles,

More than the whole ocean and the nemo fish that swim.

Tightly, your fingers interlace mine

Completely: you trust me; you love me,

I know you are my saving grace!


Is effortless in the eyes of a child.


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