Serving up Motherhood

 10 Waitressing Skills That Prepare You for Motherhood

1. Late Nights- Restaurant closing times don’t seem to matter to patrons arriving at 10:59; and the night can seem to last forever. Children are on their own schedule too, even though some may appear to be trained, parents are not strangers to late nights!

2.       Getting Stiffed-There’s nothing like busting your ass for a table that doesn’t leave you a tip and in some cases not even a thank you. At least when children grow up, while they can’t give you money, they can pay you in love, kisses, and eventually, thank you’s too!

3.       Micro-Management- There’s always that one manager that keeps you on your toes.  They love to nit-pick every discrepancy and closely watch your every move. Just like waitresses, moms know best how it feels to be under the watchful eye of their micromanaging baby and how to hide from them too!

4.       Food Returned to Kitchen- Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to please the customer, they leave unsatisfied.  Children seem to be miniature foodies in their preferences that change with the weather including how something is prepared and even presentation.

5.       Faking Interest- Often times, guests want to talk to you…like a lot!  Settle in for the long haul because conversations about Minecraft aren’t too far off in your future with kids.

6.       Restraint-Sometimes a patron can be so awful, you have to take yourself to a happy place in order to remain restrained.  While babies may not push you that far, they do grow up!!!

7.       Patience- this kind of goes hand in hand with #6!

8.       Dirty Clothes-White uniforms at an Italian restaurant will teach you a thing or two about laundry.  It sure comes in handy when trying to get mystery brown stains and poop out of baby clothes.

9.       Cleaning up Messes- Waitresses have to clean up so many different messes.  From the mystery in the bathroom left by the old woman to the cheerios found on the floor of a table that never had a child sitting there. I even had a guest leave behind an actual diaper once. Let your imagination run wild because with kids, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

10.   Demanding Attitudes- Sometimes you get that one guest who needs everything NOW and he/she never fails to have a new request every time you return to the table.  Enter the toddler!

These are definitely not the only ways that being a server prepares you for motherhood.  Have another idea?  Post below and share with your other waitressing mommies.

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