10 Waitressing Skills That Prepare You for Motherhood 1. Late Nights- Restaurant closing times don’t seem to matter to patrons arriving at 10:59; and the night can seem to last forever. Children are on their own schedule too, even though some may appear to be trained, parents are not strangers to late nights! 2.       Getting... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Baby

The beautiful flower that never bloomed; Cocooned. Emerging… All the lovelier, for the extra time it took to Be.   My butterfly, my second breath of life. Reborn in beauty, a new soul. Breaths that echo gulps of milk. The nectar of life flowing and nurturing life. Beautiful baby, glowing. Growing.

Oregano-Not Just for Pizza Anymore!

Holy herbs!  I can’t believe it!  This stuff is amazing! My acquaintance with this powerful stuff happened quite by accident. I’ve been educating myself on homeopathic remedies and it’s been rubbing off on my husband.  One night after being bitten by mosquitoes he looked up ways to stop the itching naturally.  He wound up going... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Feel Crunchy!

I Don’t Feel Crunchy… When I think about mom's who are considered crunchy, my mind instantly conjures up images of hippies, granola, and baby names like Apple!  I hate the term “crunchy” to describe my mom-ness.  Even though a crunchy mom is not synonymous with a hippie; what crunchy means and what people envision when... Continue Reading →

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