World’s Best Gifter!

Seriously, I have to say it.  I am the best gifter. I know the difference between a fake smile and one filled with ecstasy; that and kids don’t lie.  Even though we teach them all year long not to lie, only to insist they tell Aunt Clara, “I love this pink bunny suit!”

I am so tired of gifts that aren’t personal.  If you have to look for something to buy, then you are the problem with consumerism and Christmas.  Most of my gifts come from window shopping while buying other stuff like groceries or my kids’ new clothes because they just had a growth spurt and paying attention to what people say they want.

I think I’m finally disenchanted with Christmas.  I’m not talking about “it doesn’t feel the way it used to when I was a kid.” I mean full on I want to cancel Christmas next year.  Don’t buy me anything. Don’t waste your money.  If you feel like you need to “observe” Christmas and include me; Just give me money to replenish what I spent and I’ll take care of myself the other 364 days a year.
Maybe I’ll add tips…..Or maybe I’ll move on with my life….

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