“We can’t be friends anymore.”

I guess I’ll just pour my heart out here. What else is a blog good for.  I deactivated my Facebook and as a stay at home mom, my avenues of relief are restricted to alcohol or ramblings.  It’s 11:47, day after Christmas so here I am.
I desperately want to scream from the roof tops and end this dying charade. 

“We can’t be friends anymore!” I’m tired of a one sided friendship that ends with being invited to a home birth to photograph only to find out the birth has already happened over Facebook.  I can’t put any more of my time into caring about you or your now 6 kids when the care you show me is usually based on your own selfish needs.
Adults rarely get this type of closure but I want it anyway.  I’m tired of being the last person to be invited to go take the kids out with you, even though I’ve known you longer and more intimately than these mom’s you’ve met on Facebook.

You abandoned me when I got divorced and have been faithful in your neglect ever since.  I need a girlfriend who is my sister, not just passing through.  I thought you were her that first day of college, through each child’s birth and babysitting, to standing up in each other’s weddings, but I guess not!

I know we probably won’t ever have the friendship ending conversation, but for my sanity I have to let you go.  “We can’t be friends anymore!”

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