Kalahari -Adventures in Babywearing

  My family and I celebrated Christmas with our children at Kalahari Waterparks and Resort.  My husband and I surprised the kids at the last minute, right before we showed up for our three day and two night Christmas vacation.  It's a tradition that started the year previous when a surprise check came in the... Continue Reading →

World’s Best Gifter!

Seriously, I have to say it.  I am the best gifter. I know the difference between a fake smile and one filled with ecstasy; that and kids don't lie.  Even though we teach them all year long not to lie, only to insist they tell Aunt Clara, "I love this pink bunny suit!" I am... Continue Reading →

Perfect is Overrated!

​There's this constant barrage of information, self help, and blogs, to help us be the perfect parent.  But frequently I keep seeing our mothers' generation looking at mine with a worried look on her face.  We are overworked, over stimulated and its our own fault. I just can't be about that life anymore.  I know... Continue Reading →

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