Meet the Midwives

What’s it like to have an appointment with a midwife?

                    My first appointment with my midwives lasted approximately two hours.  My friend, the one who I met my midwife through, said that they usually last an hour.  I was able to ask a lot of questions and really get to know her background.  Almost every question on my list were indirectly answered by our fluid conversation.  We swapped stories like friends and I felt like a person starting a journey.  Her anecdotes informed me of her character far more than I had ever ascertained of my previous OBGYN.  I could tell she was kind and caring and in tune with the universe in a way you don’t see much in others.  There isn’t a uniform standing between us or “protocol”.  We are just women, talking about the miracle of life

                After we got to know one another we got down to the details.  We talked about how to handle Strep B without antibiotics.  She advised me to take probiotics such as Kombucha daily for two weeks.   Whether or not I had it before wouldn’t matter in two weeks and if I had strep B it would be solved without antibiotics using this method.  It’s a lot better than using antibiotics, in my opinion, because the antibiotics sterilize some of the good bacteria that mom gives to baby which aids in early immunity.  It also doesn’t help the body to be given antibiotics too regularly because eventually bodies can become resistant, requiring stronger antibiotics etc. etc.

                On to peeing on something.  Usually at a doctor’s office you pee in a cup, label it and send it into the universe because Lord knows you never really know what happens after you give it to the nurse.  “no news is good news” they say.  Well, It might not matter to everyone, but I want to be involved in my health care.  My midwife had me pee on a stick with five boxes; a type of a litmus strip used to test for different ph levels of my pee.  The ph level of something gives information on how basic or acidic it is.  This can also lead to clues of the chemical makeup of the substance in question.  We know that vinegar is acidic and bleach is basic or alkaline and of course water is neutral.  This is the system used for testing glucose and protein etc in the urine using a special ph stick.  I would assume this is just as effective without taking the glucose test which requires one drink sugar water with zero nutritional value quickly to the point of nausea and drawing blood after she sits an hour…..Um, no thank you.

                On to the heartbeat which was way different than anything I’d heard before.  Somehow this experience managed to make the modern way of pregnancy look so digital in retrospect.  I wasn’t hearing my baby’s heartbeat through a doppler or on an ultrasound machine.  This was the drumming of a live heartbeat; like laying on my husband’s chest, only faster and somehow tinier sounding.  It felt all the more real like reading a book instead of watching the movie. 

                By the end of the appointment I was in love.  I was in love with life, hope, and my midwives.  These ladies were going to give me the exact experience I want.  This is the beginning of a beautiful journey. By this point I hadn’t just taken the first step, the journey was already underway and I was running towards my destination with open arms and a gleaming face!!!

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