Baby #2- Less traumatic…I guess…

Baby #2   My perception of the birth of my second child has changed dramatically in the last few months.  An educated perspective has helped me understand why, even though his birth was a better experience than the first, I still felt empty afterwards.  My second child was born eight days early and I didn’t... Continue Reading →

Meet the Midwives

What’s it like to have an appointment with a midwife?                     My first appointment with my midwives lasted approximately two hours.  My friend, the one who I met my midwife through, said that they usually last an hour.  I was able to ask a lot of questions and really get to know her background.  Almost... Continue Reading →

Baby Number One

My first labor and delivery, while not as horrifying as some, was a nightmare.  It took years to fully recover from the experience. At that point in my life, at eighteen, almost nineteen years old, I wasn’t in an ideal situation for a peaceful life, let alone a good labor and delivery. My husband at... Continue Reading →

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